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RE: [IP] Freestyle Flash redo


The Flash does sound very cute and had I not recently tried the
TheraSense strips recently and not liked them better than my Ultra
strips, I would get one in a second.  If you're interested in checking
out the Ultra series, take a look at the UltraSmart.  I like mine so
much that I just got a second one for travel.

Antonio in Los Angeles
Age 37, Type 1 for 10 years
Paradigm 512

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Boy, you were a lot luckier than I was.  The TheraSense guy at the
diabetic fair in Detroit was not helpful at all.  I told him how many
tests a day I do  and how many strips I buy.  I get 15 boxes of 100
strips for a three months supply, but that didn't seem be of any
interest at all to him. He didn't give me a coupon of anything. 

I asked if there was any way I could have a Flash sent to my DME
supplier so I could buy one before the end of the year, and he said,
sorry he had no control over that.  He didn't even have any ideas of who
I could contact to find out.  

After talking to him, I came away with the idea that maybe I should just
switch over to the One Touch Ultra system, which I can get strips for at
a lower co-pay anyway.  I have used TheraSense for several years, just
about since it came out and have several meters now, but I don't think
I'll be getting a Flash.  I came away from that booth with a real bad
feeling and somehow can't see buying their strips any longer.  It seems
like I should be giving all that strip money to another company

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
> When
 > she found out I was a pumper who used 300 strips a month, she not
only GAVE
 > Freestyle, but a box of about 80 test strips AND a coupon worth 75.00
as long
> you bought 50 test strips for the Flash.
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