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[IP] Re: DKA is what the dx was

I think it's a little ironic that people are coming down so hard on this mom 
who, bottom line, did the right thing for her 12-year-old daughter whose site 
became infected from leaving it in too long.  I'm hearing things like, "You 
are an adult.  She's a child;" "She is dependent on help;" and "She's a kid."  
People are insinuating that Tea is a calloused parent because she wanted her 
child to learn something from the experience.  It seems to me that there is a 
very, very fine line that we parents are expected to walk in the eyes of many 
people on this list.  The general outcry to any parent who admits to being 
involved with the care of their child from about this age upward is that we're 
 being overprotective and probably preventing our child from ever being
with his/her diabetes care.  This was a life-threatening situation,  brought 
about by the child not perfoming a routine part of her diabetes management.   
And this is the same thing that would happen to many of our kids if we didn't 
test them in the night or make sure we brought back-up supplies to athletic 
events or some of the other safeguards we maintain which have brought about 
vehement criticism to other parents on this list.
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