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[IP] lots of questions about eyes and lasers

So I'm supposed to have panretinal laser surgery on Friday and nobody at the
doctor office was very specific about things.  They are doing 500 blasts all
around the right eye.  They said I will have a shot to numb the area
beforehand.  They also said I will have a patch for a day and then my eyes
"might" be blurry for 3-4 weeks.  So for anyone who has done it I have a
million questions and never got answers from the doc office.  My dad had
different eye surgery and he had to have a shot to numb the place where they
were doing the real numbing shot.  Is that what I will have?  Does it hurt?
The doc said the whole thing is "no big deal" but he said that about the dye
study and that was awful.  I was so dizzy and kept blacking out (I have a
problem with needles and faint a lot during medical procedures) and slipping
out of the chair and afterward I was throwing up all day and my arm was
painful and my eyes hurt.  During it I kept having to pick myself up and put
my head on the chin bar.  Well I don't want to do that while he's shooting
lasers at my eyeball!!  Is it possible to do it laying down?  Should I ask
them if that's ok?  If I do move is he going to shoot a hole in the wrong
place in my eye and blind me?  What about the blurry vision for 3-4 weeks?
I work as an accountant so am I going to be able to see at work?  Am I going
to be able to see to drive?  I was waiting til April to get glasses when I
have the insurance so for now I just avoid driving at night and I am fine.
But what about after this procedure?  I don't want to not be able to drive
to work for 4 weeks.  Also were you in pain afterward?  Will they give me
pain medication?  We are currently trying to get pregnant but I won't be
able to do the pregnancy test until next week, right now it is too soon.
Should I be worried about that?  Should I ask my ob/gyn or will the eye doc
do pre-op bloodwork before the procedure?  Anything else you can tell me
about what to expect?  Maybe I'm being a chicken but I'm really freaked out.
Thanks for your help.
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