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[IP] question about working 2 jobs

A CPA I know just approached me with an awsome opportunity.  She needs
someone to do part time accounting for various small businesses and she
asked me.  I already work as an accountant 40 hours a week for a small
business.  The money would be really helpful and it would be a wonderful
learning experience and good on a resume.  When I used to do school part
time I spent around 8-10 hours a week on it outside my full time job so I
figure I could spend about that much time on another job.  But I had no time
for other things then.  I'm a little concerned because right now we are
trying to get pregnant so I'm struggling to keep my bgs good, walking and
doing yoga every day, more endo appts, basically trying to be really
healthy.  Also laser surgery a couple times in the next couple months,
making Christmas gifts, trying to find a church to go to since we just
moved... plus the normal cleaning house and daily stuff.  I would hate to
start this and then feel overwhelmed or lose control of my sugars or not
have time to exercise or whatever.  I don't want to make a committment and
then say well I can't do it.  But I've never been in this position.  It
would be great but I just don't know what to do.  Any advice?  Thanks
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