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[IP] Old MM bill

JP said:" I too recently received a bill from MM going back to
2001. I also have been receiving my supplies all along. What I think is
happening is that, even though they have a "negotiated rate" with the
 insurance company, they are trying to recover the difference between what
insurance pays and MM's "retail" price... Maybe Medtronic, after buying MM,
decided to try to wring out all the old "collectibles" they could."

 I called regarding MY bill and was told that is EXACTLY what is going on. They
used to just "let slide" the difference between negotiated price (including my
co-pay) and their retail price. Now they are going back after that amount. Only
thing I couldn't determine was how far back they were reaching to clean this up.
I start pumping in January, 2001.

 Somehow, it bothers me. Maybe they deserve to collect that money, but a note of
explanation would make them appear a little less greedy and grasping. I mean,
they didn't make a peep for 2.5 years...

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