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Re: [IP] Disappointed in ER/other shows

I also watch ER, and I was thinking the exact same thing about the show 
Thursday night.  It is odd to me that they didn't give accurate information, 
 because about 6 years ago they did a story line that involved a type 1 diabetic
hadn't taken her insulin in a week and had been eating ice cream earlier in 
the day and was then rushed into the ER in DKA.  I found this story line to be 
very accurate, but the one on Thursday just was not.  
On another note.  I was watching the TLC show Resident Life a couple of weeks 
ago and a family brought their 18 month old daughter into the hospital and 
she was diagnosed with type 1 and put on the pump two days later.  They showed 
the whole process of putting in her infusion site and everything.  I thought 
this was great to show on TV.
Yet another show I watched a few years ago dealt with diabetes and the pump.  
It was Trauma Life In The ER and there was a doctor who was showing a newly 
 diagnosed woman how to take her shots and he also said that he was diabetic and
didn't have to take shots because he was on the pump, and he then showed her 
his infusion site.  They also dealt with him being diabetic in the show.  He 
was show checking his blood sugar and talking briefly about being diabetic.  

          Dx'd 8-13-93 (age 11); pumping since 7-18-02 w/ my blue Paradigm 
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