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[IP] Re: DKA is what the dx was

 Please excuse me, but...What then "H" were you thinking? How dare you "teach
her a lesson" or do things to "punish" a 12 year old little girl when she is
experiencing a life threatening situation! Surely you know how high BG affects
diabetics. If you don't, maybe you should get some medical education from an
Endo or CDE. And I agree that children should learn to deal with the diabetes
themselves, but need an adult to verify site changes, and bg & Ketone checking.
The responsibility for the health and care of this child is with you. You are an
adult and she a child.
 Okay, maybe I don't know everything about diabetes (dh, Dave, is diabetic) but
I go out of my way to learn everything I can to ensure his health. I consider it
my responsibility to "help" him when he cannot. (either high or low) I married
him, knowing he has diabetes. And he is an adult. If he cannot make the right
decisions when he is High or Low, how is a child suppose to?
 I totally agree with Jan and I believe Jenny (hope I have that right). But had
to chime in. dave and I were so totally upset by your seemingly lack of concern,
and more a learning tool, of taking her to the hospital. I would have been
beside myself with worry and my heart breaking with compassion. Please take care
of her, you have thworted yet another possibly life threatening situation. Don't
"treat this at home" for God sake get her the care she deserves.
 Again, I'm sorry for comming across so harshly. I'm not a know it all. I just
can't help the pain I felt in my heart. I just had to vent. And I'm sorry if
this offended anyone.
Mel, Wife of Dave
(Type I, 20yrs)

  Mel Sparrow  

email @ redacted


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