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[IP] Re: Disappointed in ER (the TV show)

write to the network

i do not watch the show, nor know the network, but i am sure SOMEONE out
there does!!

a letter writing campaign should do the trick :)


----- Original Message ----- 
Ryan wrote:
> This past Thursday on ER, a show which I've loved and watched since the
> season premiere...I was disappointed in it.  For the first time that I can
> remember, they have a character who has Type 1 diabetes.  (They have done
> Type 2 several times.)
ommitted stuff
> Well, where to start!  Hypoglycemic and DKA at the same time!  Wow...and,
> somehow, he managed to be acting funny, a symptom of being low, after
> ice cream and not giving his shot.  Last I knew, you don't act "funny"
> being high.  Also, is it even possible to go DKA in under 2 hours from a
> bowl of ice cream?  And, since when do diabetics give insulin in their
> forearm????
> For a show that prides itself in medical accuracy, this entire scene,
> lasted all of 30 seconds, was nothing but complete INACCURACY.  So, I'm a
> bit disappointed in them.  I realize that Type 1 diabetes is actually
> relative uncommon compared to Type 2...but I expected them to get most of
> this right.
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