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[IP] Disappointed in ER (the TV show)

This past Thursday on ER, a show which I've loved and watched since the
season premiere...I was disappointed in it.  For the first time that I can
remember, they have a character who has Type 1 diabetes.  (They have done
Type 2 several times.)

The son of the new nurse, who is around 12 years old, found her son with Dr.
Kovac (sp?) playing video games.  He had just had a bowl of ice cream, and
based on some statements, they hadn't been there for more than 2 hours.

So, when she find him, she yells at Dr. Kovac.  She first calls him
Hypoglycemic, but then a few seconds later calls him DKA.  She asks her son
if he gave his shot...holding his forearm (!?!) out to check.  She then
proceeded to yell more at Dr. Kovac that couldn't he tell he was acting

Well, where to start!  Hypoglycemic and DKA at the same time!  Wow...and,
somehow, he managed to be acting funny, a symptom of being low, after eating
ice cream and not giving his shot.  Last I knew, you don't act "funny" from
being high.  Also, is it even possible to go DKA in under 2 hours from a
bowl of ice cream?  And, since when do diabetics give insulin in their

For a show that prides itself in medical accuracy, this entire scene, which
lasted all of 30 seconds, was nothing but complete INACCURACY.  So, I'm a
bit disappointed in them.  I realize that Type 1 diabetes is actually
relative uncommon compared to Type 2...but I expected them to get most of
this right.

The only thing I can hope is that we'll find out that this mother is really
a poor mother, etc...but since she is a nurse (who appears to be replacing
Maggie as the "cool nurse" character since Maggie has returned to Med
School) and a new full-time character, I find that hard to believe.

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