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[IP] Minimed and "Static Electricity"

Ok let's look at this subject a little more deeply.  Static electricity
naturally occurs and has alot to do with the relative humidity, the lower
the humidity, the higher the chances of creating static electricity.  That
is why in homes heated with forced air heat in the winter, you can draw an
arc while reaching for the door knob and get zapped.  The problem is more
likely associated with what they call ESD or electrostatic discharge.  This
severely damages electronic components especially CMOS logic.  If a
manufacturer maintains proper humidity control and excercises proper ESD
precautions (which I believe they do) they have done about all they can do
from there end.  The components used in the manufacture of Minimed pumps is
no different than the ones used in any other pump manufacturer. It is what
happens when the pump leaves the factory that needs to be addressed.  One
lady said that she had many more pumps replaced than her son that lived in
the same place.  Let's see a woman?????  Does she wear lots of silky thinks?
If the answer is yes, then she may be interested in knowing that a silk tie
can generate 100,000 volts of electricity.  If that is dragged across a pump
and the pump is properly grounded, I don't know of many things that could
withstand that kind of jolt, can you?

Let's go back and look at Minimed once more, the simple fact that this
company owns 80% of the marketshare would be another reason why Minimed
pumps have "so many problems" with what you call static.  If the same thing
happens with a Cosmo pump it could have happed to 20 Minimed pumps at the
same time.

I hate to see it when people circle the wagons and attack someone or
something especially when from previous posts there technical knowledge is
so limited that they allow it to sway there attitudes about a product.

I own a Minimed pump and have never even seen another type.  But all I can
say is that Minimed has been one of the most supportive and easy to work
with companies in my life and I resent all of the hoopla.

Mark Thomas
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