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[IP] Static electricity problem

> Well, I've had 13 pumps in a little over two years of pumping with a MM,
> eight 508s, then four 511s and all of them shorted out. MM says it's
> some sort of a static problem inside my body. Not a good answer for
> over $5,000. I've tried dryer sheets, special leather cases, static
> guard and many other things, but still have the problem, in Michigan yet
> in the summer with very high humidity. I'm so fed up I'm trying to get
> another brand of pump but my insurance is fighting me and MM will only
> give me another pump. Since I've already had 13 I don't see another one
> as being a good answer.
> Judi in MI

Hello Judi,

Have you seriously considered suing your insurance company and MiniMed in
small claims court?  They are both, independently, causing a condition that
can be, or is, hadizardus to your health.

Your insurance company is being greedy and certainly does not have your
welfare in mind.  Write the State of Michigan Insurance Commissioner and tell
him, or her, your story in a polite but firm manner.

If Medtronics MiniMed, can't provide you with a pump that doesn't repeatedly
fail, they should face up to their problem and return your money, or provide
you with the pump of your choice, of another brand. Obtaining another
manufacturer's pump would eliminate your problem; but, I'm telling you
something you already know.

Good luck,
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