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[IP] Re: DKA is what the dx was.

> For the first time ever my 12 yr. old had to go to
> the hospital. On Monday she said she didn't feel well, like she was
> getting a cold.<snip> She was up all night
> throwing up. For some reason she didn't come tell me. I think she
> completely loses all common sense when she her bs is high.

I hope her mom is familiar with the way extremely high BGs affect brains. If
non-DMers could experience some of this firsthand they'd understand far
better what is happening to us. Brains work on glucose. Too little and they
don't function right. Too much and they don't function right. It ain't a fun

> Anyway she looked like death in the morning. Pale skin , Sunken in eyes &

Poor thing was headed for a coma!

>  So the site was infected & the canual was
> bent. I gave her a shot & changed her site. She had been sick before
> last year but I nursed her back. I know I probably could have done it
> again but I wanted her (This sounds bad & mean but....) to experience
> going to the hospital getting A 20 gage I V , Getting labs ran a few
> times & seeing how the Dr.'s & nurses reacted to her current condition.
> Kind of a wake up call, saying "hey take care of yourself this is not a
> game".

Like kicking a man when he's down? Get her the proper help - which is
exactly what you did: E.R.! - not as a punishment but to save her very life!
An infected site can cause major problems and DKA is the next step to coma,
then death. She was losing fluid by vomiting and electrolytes need to be
replaced by I.V. - not as punishment, but that's the way it's done. I was
alone a few years ago with a 600+ BG and vomiting. No one to help me and I
didn't have the brain function to call 911. I set a timer and tested every
hour as I sat up to sleep. I took shots, and boluses, etc. and had an awful
night. Yep - my brain did NOT work right. But, I'm an old lady and she is
dependent on help.

> They took her right back & started an IV. Ran labs & besides her
> high bs, all her labs were good except she had an acid tone level of 10.
> Normal is above 20. Does anyone have info on this??

Probably Acetone - that's what we tested for before they developed Ketostix
for ketones. I still have a mostly empty bottle from Ames Acetest tablets.
Since the subject line is DKA was the dx - that means Diabetic KetoACIDosis.
A dangerous condition. Not a time to teach a lesson, but since it happened
she may be more aware and not want to repeat the experience. But, her
welfare should be considered to get her out of danger - not treating at
home - nor using proper care as a time to teach a lesson.

> They gave her one
> more bag on the IV then redid the acid tone test. It went up to 14 so
> they said she could go home.  If  it hadn't gone up they said they would
> admit her.

So, admittance would have been necessary - which is good if she wasn't
coming out of it. They had guidelines for admitting her and she almost met
them. Not to teach her a lesson, but because she required the medical care
at this point. Someone falling off a horse and breaking a leg isn't taught a
lesson by taking them to the hosp. to get a cast. That's proper procedure no
matter how foolish they were in standing on the horse in the first place.

> Hopefully it woke her up to reality. I'm thinking it did. She's been
testing more
> & her bs's are really good.......go figure.

She could have been scared - she's also a kid. Mom tried to treat me at home
before dx - no dr until 4 & 5 days before I went into a coma. They almost
lost me, too. I'm so glad you took her to the ER even if (apparently) your
motive was to teach her a lesson. That was the best thing you did for her
and you could have been very sorry later if you hadn't. Maybe everyone
learned a lesson. (~_^)

Jan (64 y/o, dx'd T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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