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Re: [IP] DKA is what the dx was.

Did you mean acetone? The presence of acetone means you're burning
ketones for fuel, and is what gives your breath that fruity odor.
Ketones are relatively strong acids and their increase lowers the pH of
the blood (it then becomes more acidic). The pH level, along with other
things, helps them determine the degree of acidosis.

Take care, Kerri - IP Parents-of-Pumpers chat host and mom of Shannon
(email @ redacted 11/96, pumping email @ redacted 11/99, pumping email @ redacted 8/03 and loving
it!), and her 7 siblings  :-)

Ran labs & besides her
high bs, all her labs were good except she had an acid tone level of 10.

Normal is above 20. Does anyone have info on this?? They gave her one
more bag on the IV then redid the acid tone test. It went up to 14 so
they said she could go home.  If  it hadn't gone up they said they would

admit her.
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