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RE: [IP] Sof+Tact

I just used the Sof-Tact as the maker wanted to use it as an
animal-validated meter. I personally think the meter is a horrid BIG piece
of equipment, very ungainly to work with. It requires a lot of blood and I
never could get it to work on the dog, and neither could my vet on her dog.
I tried it on myself during the time I had it and did not like it one bit.
It may not hurt, however, it 'vacuums' the skin up in the process of drawing
the blood and it left me with little
blood-blister type things on my arm. You also get a lot of errors when it
doesn't get enough blood and the strips are then ruined. I didn't bother
even comparing the values I did get on myself with my regular meter. I
personally wouldn't recommend this meter.


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My ins finally approved a Sof+Tact meter, since I am testing so often.
wouldn't think of "allowing" me to use another brand -- since my only other
 choice of meters is the Precision and I had to have "special permission" to
the Precision Xtra).

Was wondering if anyone uses the Sof+Tact and how you like it.  Do you find
the readings to be comparable with finger testing?  How 'bout when you are
 going low? Do you find that you need to rub the site before testing? Also,
you use the test solution.  The pamphlet says it is required.

Appreciate your input.

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