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[IP] Re: preventing lows during exercise

 <The book suggests lowering my insulin !
  rates but I don't know how. >


 Liz, it's pretty standard to lower your basals before, during and after
exercises as an alternative to, or even in addition to, lowering your bolus.
I've always been told and read that you should lower your basal about 50% one to
two hours before exercise and even up to 1 hour afterwards. In my case, it
totally depends on the type, duration and intensity of the exercise. If I'm
going on a 5 mile hike after breakfast, I'll lower my basal from the usual .6
all the way down to .2 and take a slighter lower bolus with my breakfast than I
normally would. If I'm doing the treadmill for 30 minutes, I'll just take half
as much bolus as usual and leave my basal alone if it's shortly after a meal. If
it's been a few hours since a meal, I'll lower my basal from say .6 to .3. So
again, it depends on the type of exercise and how your body reacts, so you may
have to experiement a bit. In any case though, since you have no bolus to play
with and you don't want to eat more carbs, lowering yo!
 ur basal
 is definitely the thing to do. Pam
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