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Re: [IP] DKA is what the dx was.

When my son was younger and at home, I used to tell him he didn't know
how lucky he was with all the modern day things.  He would do things and
I would tell him  he was lucky he didn't wind up in the hospital more
often with IV's stuck in his arm. Then he went off to college.  One time
he stopped taking care of himself and got so sick he did wake up in the
hospital with an IV stuck in his arm and was there for three days
getting readjusted, and it made a major change in his attitude and
lifestyle. Sometimes kids can only learn things the hard way no matter
what you do, unfortunately.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
> I know I probably could have done it 
> again but I wanted her (This sounds bad & mean but....) to experience 
> going to the hospital getting A 20 gage I V , Getting labs ran a few 
> times & seeing how the Dr.'s & nurses reacted to her current condition. 
> Kind of a wake up call, saying "hey take care of yourself this is not a 
> game". 
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