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Re: [IP] Ketone Levels - What Does mmol/l Mean?

They are wrong, wrong, wrong! Shame on them for misinforming people!
Ketones develop (for a variety of reasons) independently of blood sugar
so you can have them whether you are high, low, or normal (I'll spare
you the eye-glazing technical explanation though. :-)) We are all made
familiar with the eventual consequence of unchecked high bgs with
ketones (DKA) so that may mislead people into thinking that high bgs are
the only time they can occur (but they would be wrong.) Ketones should
be checked any time the bgs are high (some sources say >240 or 250, our
endo says >300) and any time you are ill, regardless of what the bg is.

Take care, Kerri - IP Parents-of-Pumpers chat host and mom of Shannon
(email @ redacted 11/96, pumping email @ redacted 11/99, pumping email @ redacted 8/03 and loving
it!), and her 7 siblings  :-)

Antonio said:

I tried calling the Medisense support line and they were NO help.  The
worker said that I couldn't have ketones if my blood sugars were below
300, while the book I just read, Optimal Pumping, by Freddi Fredrickson,
MA, RN, CDE, says that they should be checked when the BGs run above
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