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Re: [IP] Static Electricity & Minimed


I've had a static electricity problem for years with the MM508 (most
recently in August) and I chatted with someone who used to work for MM
not long ago. He agrees that this is a problem that MM has had since the
507.  I will add that he now works for a competitor, but it matches with
my (and that of other pumpers) experiences.

It may be that some people are just more susceptible to this effect than
others. I know a woman where I grew up that would shock her computers
and elevators and televisions. The humidity was always quite high, but
she could zap things to kaput very easily (Got so we wouldn't let her
touch our computers or cars :-).

I love MiniMed and always will (even though they're Medtronic) and I do
not say anything bad about them to anyone. That being said, I have
become very frustrated with the 508 and am looking at other options now.
I'm not excluding the 512, but since I hear it has similar issues, I
will look elsewhere too.



Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 10:28:00 -0600
From: "Donny Vernon" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Static Electricity & Minimed

"ESD or static electricity has been a problem with Minimed pumps since
at least the 507 series, when I was looking at my 1st pump.  Obviously
Minimed has not seen this a major problem to bother correcting.  I have
not read of this problem with any other pumps."
Do not lump all of MM pumps into this category!  I have had a 508, 511,
& 512 and I have never had any problems with static electricity!  You
are dragging up old news to criticize Minimed. I work in a static
electricity environment and I receive shocks to myself all the time and
not once have I had a problem with my pump. YMMV according to your
environment and body type but I don't believe this an issue with the new
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