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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #640

>>>>>>>Judi said............... my static problems started when I first
started pumping and that
was in July, so for me it wasn't a winter thing.  I've had the problem
during all four seasons.  Pump number 13 that I'm wearing now does short
out, but I just reset it.  Since I've had so many it doesn't seem like
getting another one will do me any good.  Until they really solve the
problem, another one won't really get me anything at all.

Also, for me, it happened with both the 508 and the 511, which is why I
won't upgrade to the 512.  I just can't see giving MM any more money
when they have never solved what seems to be a very basic problem that
they have had for several years.  Judi in MI<<<<<<<<

Judi, how frustrating for you.  13 pumps!  That is really awful.  

you didn't ask for advice, but, one of my many defects is giving it
anyway....my apologies, please, right up front.

I have been pumping for over 9 years, started with MM 506, then MM 508, and
now MM 512.  I have NEVER had a pump go out from static electricity.   
I am active and sometimes in winter get that slight shock of electricity
when you slide on something and then touch metal.  It is Alabama, so we have
extraordinarily high Humidity levels.  Does that make a difference?

If I had 13 pumps go out for the same problem, I would look at what I might
be doing to cause it.......like what in my environment might attribute to
this problem?   
For example, I don't wear nylon (or other high static items, satin, etc.,
don't have nylon carpeting, etc., So what would I be doing to short out
those pumps.  Have you ever tracked exactly when the static hits?  Is it
every time you come from the living room and touch your refrigerator
door......?  or every time you come from your bedroom and hit the front door
knob?     These things can usually be fixed with grounding principals.   If
you always seem to attract static electricity, it could be the high level in
your own body...I have read of some people who have high "voltages" bodies,
don't know what you call it.    Any way, my unasked for point is that 13
pumps is a lot to go through without being curious as to why it is
happening.  Have you shorted out other things in your life, like this? 

Certainly, it could be a phenomena of 13 coincidental events in your life.
It is just hard for me to absorb that.  Has anyone at MM ever asked you
about what you were doing when the pump went out?   Have you ever thought
about what it is that makes this happen.   

I can only imagine your frustration at all that mailing back and forth of
pumps.   I hope the problem gets resolved for you.  It is good that you have
accepted it and can reset your pump.  
Bonnie from Bama
(Filled with curiosity about what happens each time and why Judi is being
picked on by the God of lightening...what was his name?) 
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