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[IP] Re: Static Electricity & Minimed

"Do not lump all of MM pumps into this category!  I have had a 508, 511,
& 512 and I have never had any problems with static electricity!  You
are dragging up old news to criticize Minimed. I work in a static
electricity environment and I receive shocks to myself all the time and
not once have I had a problem with my pump. YMMV according to your
environment and body type but I don't believe this an issue with the new


Donny, please, are you denying that Minimed pumpers still have problems
associated with static electricity?  Read meassage from Minimed pumppers and
open your eyes.  I'm glad you have been lucky, but others have not.  You state
that this is not an issue with the new pumps...which new pumps? the 712's?
Becasue there are quite a few reports of users who have these same issues with
511/512 pumps.
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