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[IP] Re: static electricity

if, indeed, it is YOUR static-ness (yikes, don't let son know I said that!!)
then a change in pump brand may not work?

but then again, who knows?

I cannot wear several specific brands of very nice/expensive watches, they
quit working on me, work when in the dresser, etc, and the lowest Timex or
similar has worked for years without a hitch..go figure!!

(the last long running watch I got was one my MIL got for opening a bank
acct, and you know they don't do that anymore LOL)

----- Original Message ----- 

> Judi <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Well, I've had 13 pumps in a little over two years of pumping with a MM,
> eight 508s, then four 511s and all of them shorted out. MM says it's
> some sort of a static problem inside my body. Not a good answer for
> over $5,000. I've tried dryer sheets, special leather cases, static
> guard and many other things, but still have the problem, in Michigan yet
> in the summer with very high humidity. I'm so fed up I'm trying to get
> another brand of pump but my insurance is fighting me and MM will only
> give me another pump. Since I've already had 13 I don't see another one
> as being a good answer.
> Judi in MI
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