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Re: [IP] Re: static electricity

Oh my! You have a lot more patience than I do. I can't believe that you've
had so many pumps. I pray that I don't have to have that happen. I've had 2
in 3 months and that was bad enough. I did however, change my battery again
today without any problems. Someone emailed me and said that it was the cap
not the static electricity. So I pulled up the tab inside my cap and scraped
it a little with a knife in case of corrosion.  It worked perfectly. So who
knows could have just been a bad connection. Can't believe that it would
happen so soon after only having the pump for 2 months. I guess MM still has
some quirks to work out but they've come a long way baby! Hope I don't have
anymore "shocking" events.  :)

Judi wrote:
(Well, I've had 13 pumps in a little over two years of pumping with a MM,
eight 508s, then four 511s and all of them shorted out.  MM says it's
some sort of a static problem inside my body.  Not a good answer for
over $5,000.  I've tried dryer sheets, special leather cases, static
guard and many other things, but still have the problem, in Michigan yet
in the summer with very high humidity.  I'm so fed up I'm trying to get
another brand of pump but my insurance is fighting me and MM will only
give me another pump.  Since I've already had 13 I don't see another one
as being a good answer.)

Judi in MI
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