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Re: [IP] Re: static electricity

Joel, my static problems started when I first started pumping and that
was in July, so for me it wasn't a winter thing.  I've had the problem
during all four seasons.  Pump number 13 that I'm wearing now does short
out, but I just reset it.  Since I've had so many it doesn't seem like
getting another one will do me any good.  Until they really solve the
problem, another one won't really get me anything at all.

Also, for me, it happened with both the 508 and the 511, which is why I
won't upgrade to the 512.  I just can't see giving MM any more money
when they have never solved what seems to be a very basic problem that
they have had for several years.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
> I only had one of 508 short out from static electricity.  The MM rep I
> spoke with told me it was from wearing nylon type running slacks.  She
> suggested I not wear them again until spring.  The problem only occurred
> in the winter and they replaced my pump with another.
> Joel
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