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[IP] Re:Extra insulin for high fat foods

you will get LOTS of suggestions, and of course you know for a fact that
YMMV <grin> here is yet another suggestion

I am using what you said: 100% based on carbs she is 'fine' at 2 hrs but
hours later, she is sky high (I do the exact same thing!!)

this tells me that 100% is not enough for this meal
(lots of people use a ratio for their fats to determine the extra units of
insulin reqd, and maybe, just maybe, after you figure out one LOL you can
use those to do the extended/sq wave, whatever?)

if you compare the amt that was 100%, and compare that to the amt you
'correction bolused' that should tell you what % it took to cover the fat

Did that make sense?  Let's say your pump said that 20 units was 100%, and
you did an additional 10 over the next ?? hours (6-8 in my case)...on those
numbers, that means that you need 150% for the specific meal.....so how
about doing 75% now (at start of meal) and then 75% over the next 6 hours?

sorry this was long, but I have been working on this for me, too!!!  I want
to be able to enjoy my meal, but not have the after effects of it, and the
fact that we don't do it very often makes it harder to figure LOL (Of course
that is better for my heart, cholesterol, etc etc, etc etc)

Trial and error...the only good thing I have to say (as a one month pump
user!!) is that at least I am willing to take the extra insulin and actually
care about what happened, in the past, i was not a good, compliant paatient,
and just 'gave up' on having control after pizza, etc.

Again, I truly feel that you cannot figure on just carbs to know the entire
'100%' when the fat content is so high

----- Original Message ----- 

> I know there has been a few posts lately regarding this.  I have a
> specific questions regarding my 9 year old daughter.   Many of the post I
> see regarding the dual/square wave bolus indicate giving a partial bolus
> (maybe 60%) when the meal is eaten and the 40% as a square wave.  But, my
> problem seems to require another train of thought.  When my daughter eats
> a high fat meal (hamburg, mozz. sticks, pizza) I usually give her the
> entire (100%) bolus.  Two hours later her count is usually perfect
> (usually around 90-120...never too low).  BUT......then it starts rising
> into the 300's for the next 4-6 hours.  I give her bolus after bolus and
> it keeps her count consistent, but I have a really hard time getting it
> down to a good number.
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