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[IP] high fat foods...MY opinion

I know there are "some" on this list who disagree, but it is MY firm belief, 
based on almost 11 years of pumping, that high fat food does NOT require MORE 
insulin, it simply requires better TIMED insulin.  Fat slows down the 
 absorption of carbohydrates, but does NOT, in itself, have a significant effect
blood sugar

I have experimented with ben and jerrys, pizza, chinese food and most 
 recently with Russell Stover chocolate covered peanut butter pumpkins. I
the total carbs, determine the amount of insulin needed for the carbs (ONLY), 
but rather than gave them all at the top, I will take about 30-50% when I eat 
and spread the balance out over the next 2 - 5 hours. and this works for me 
almost all the time (other factors like bad site, forgotton bolus, over eating 
etc. are why I say "almost")

Whether you eat 45 carbs of fruit cocktail and 45 carbs of a russel stovers 
chocolate covered peanut butter pumpkin, you will take pretty much the same 
amount of insulin, in MY experience....what will change is the TIMING of when 
that insulin hits.

If I take all three units for that pumpkin right as I bite into it, as I 
 would with the fruit cocktail, I will most likely be in a low to decent range
1-2 hours...but 3-5 hours later, as those slowed-down-cuz-of-all-the-fat carbs 
start to hit my blood stream, my sugar rises, and I am forced to take a 
 correction bolus. If, instead, I had taken one unit as I bit into it, and
the other 2 out over the next several hours, I could COUNT on being in a good 
range later on!...three units...not MORE units.

Sara SP
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