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[IP] Ruth's Romantic Weekend

Ruth wrote:
> im having a romantic weekend the week after i go on the pump. 
> id like to just go back to my injection routine for that weekend. 

first of all, welcome to pumping, 2nd of all, WHYYYYYY go off the pump for 
the weekend??? Intimacy on the pump is 100% possible, and even fun, if you are 
creative and your partner has a sense of humor...

If you WANT to, or need to because of "positioning", you can always 
 discreetly disconnect, letting the pump slide down next to the bed/table/couch/
where ever you happen to be, and give yourself the missed bolus lATER (if you 
 really need it, and some "positioning" may even require some extra
no, "protein" does not count here  hehehehehe.  

Seriously, though, you can either disconnect at some convenient 
 point....erhaps when he is doing his "putting on," you can be doing your
"taking off."...or
if you are with someone who doesnt mind, or who enjoys the challenge...just 
leave it.  Just be sure to check later to see if you are still 
 attached..sometimes in hte heat of passion, you get em ripped out - don't worry
most likely won't even feel it rip out...or hear the thud as it hits the 
 floor....If i have tested recently and KNOW I am high or on the way up, then I
bolus a little before unhooking.  If I don't know for sure that I am high or 
if I haven't eaten in a while, I won't cuz being low makes the firecrackers 
fizzle....if you get my point

It just depends of who i am with and the "mood."  obviously if we have gotten 
"that" point, the guy already know what the pump is, what it is for, "no i 
won't die if i
disconnect it for a little while," "yes i will die if i don't plug it back in 
eventually," "no it
doesn't hurt when you push on it..." etc.   Fortunately for me, I have never 
been in this situation with anyone who would say EWWWWW what is that thing 
 attached to you!!!!!! I tend to weed those guys out pretty quick... Heck, it's
not like it is a urine catheter or a colostomy bag

Plus there is always Greg Legowski's standard answer for all this...let the 
partner use the tuing as some sort of erotic leash.....hehehheheheh....please 
see previous posts on 101 uses for extra tubing :-)

I saw go for wearing the pump - if you are lucky enough to have a ready and 
 willing man, tell him you are doing scientific reasearch for a very worth cause
and you need to test ALL hypotheses (plural??)  all the possibilities, so 
make sure he eats his Wheaties before hand

Sara SP (whose sex life was chronicled in Diabetes Interview over the summer, 
and I was shocked as hell that no one made any smart ass comment!!!)
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