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Re: [IP] Extra insulin for high fat foods

 My BS does the same thing. Two hrs after a "fatie" meal my BS goes to 350. I
give myself 20 units of insulin. My BS does nothing for say 2 hrs then starts
down. I can be dropped into a low so I measure my BS every 30 mins and take
extra carbos if needed. Be very careful this procedure may be only for me. There
is a period of time where the BS will not change at all so just wait. Start your
"fat" meal so you dont have to go to sleep.
Best of all to you

Sandra Winkworth <email @ redacted> wrote:

I know there has been a few posts lately regarding this. I have a
specific questions regarding my 9 year old daughter. Many of the post I
see regarding the dual/square wave bolus indicate giving a partial bolus
(maybe 60%) when the meal is eaten and the 40% as a square wave. But, my
problem seems to require another train of thought. When my daughter eats
a high fat meal (hamburg, mozz. sticks, pizza) I usually give her the
entire (100%) bolus. Two hours later her count is usually perfect
(usually around 90-120...never too low). BUT......then it starts rising
into the 300's for the next 4-6 hours. I give her bolus after bolus and
it keeps her count consistent, but I have a really hard time getting it
down to a good number. Now my question: Should I start a square wave
bolus right when she's eating the meal (on top of the 100% bolus she
usually gets)? ! ; Should I start it 2 hours after, when her count
starts rising? How much should I be giving her (I mean, an additional
2 units over a period of 6 hours doesn't seem like it would do
much)? This is going to run into her bedtime, so I'm very leary of her
going low. 

Now, I know, I know, I know, that nobody can give me an exact answer. I
know it's trial and error. But I'm just kind of looking for a place to
start. Your thoughts would be appreciated.


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