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[IP] RE: IP- pain with silhouettes

 Thanks everyone for your replies and suggestions. It definitely sounds like I'm
not the only one who has been experiencing such pain with the sils. I was never
taught about "probing" a site for either injections or infusion sets, but I'll
try it. I just wonder why I've never had the same kind of incredible pain with
the straight-in sets - 10 years of using soft sets and the last six months of
Quicksets. I do use a shallow angle with the sils, and after trying 2 or 3
painful sites, I usually find one that doesn't hurt at all (while using the same
set), so it can't be a problem with the batch of needles. I wonder if
introducing the needle at an angle instead of straight in hits the pain
receptors in the nerve endings more or what? It's curious. Because of this
problem, I try to use the Quicksets instead, but in the interest of site
rotation sometimes I have to use the sils in spots where I don't have enough fat
for the other. Anyway, thanks everyone for sharing your experienc!
 es. Pam
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