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[IP] Being a kid with diabetes - Way Back When

This thread brings back memories -- not all good ones -- but it caused be to 
check to see what I still have from the "dark ages."  

I found my AMES Clinitest "urine-sugar analysis set" with test tube and 
 dropper and an ad for "NEW Clinitest brand urine-sugar analysis set - Model No.
 2105 - Compact, Handsome, New Design, Economical." It s light grey with a dark
grey base. The instruction book covers Testing with CLINITEST (5 drops of 
 urine/10 drops of water), Testing with ACETEST, Testing with CLINIISTIX &
with KETOSTIX"  

I also found a book from SQUIBB dated 1971 "Don't be afraid of diabetes" with 
instructions for boiling the glass syringes and 2 rustless 25 gauge needles 
for 5 minutes.  If the syringes became caked on the inside (which they often 
 did), you soaked them for several hours in vinegar and then boiled them. I can
still remember the awful smell that filled the house when I forgot about the 
boiling steamer, all the water evaporated and the plastic plungers melted.

I also found an UPJOHN book dated February 1967 "You and Diabetes" which asks 
"Do you know how lucky you are" and describes how "You can live a good life" 
and describes in detail the types of insulin then available.

I had forgotten now far things have come in the 38 1/2 years since being dx 
at age 16 in 1965.  Then I was told that I would be lucky if I lived until I 
was 50 (so I guess at this point I am on borrowed time) but life for someone 
with diabetes today is sure different.

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