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RE: [IP] Re: being a kid with diabetes Way Back When

Brings back memories.  I remember those clinitest kits. I also remember
being at Joslin Clinic and gathering in the "lab room" with other
patients to mix and then boil our urinalysis test tubes.  And having my
earlobe lanced and squeezed to get the blood in a tiny pipette.  We've
sure come a long way!

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Len asked:
>  >Hey tom... do you have the black plastic kit box , with the test
> > the eye dropper, and the bottle in it ?
>  >(and i think a small card the size of the box, which was like 2 by 3
> by 1)

Tom replied:
I have two Clinitest plastic kits (one still has a dropper, a dirty
test tube, and a not quite empty bottle of tablets), but the cases are
not black, they are light gray cream colored. >>>

I add:
I still have my old set and it is also gray creamish colored, as was the
sent to me as a gift from Bayer in 2000 and my first one in 1950 before
test tube broke and had to be replaced. The black ones must have come
for a short time. I never saw one, although I didn't need to keep
since I had one. I still have a mostly-used bottle of Acetest tablets
ketones then) to test for acetone. They were put on a piece of white
then a few drops of urine were dripped on top and we watched the color
turned. I have the instructions for both the Clinitest and the Acetest
can't go downstairs to find them to prove the actual # of drips due to
severe leg pains caused by sitting in a La*Z*Boy 5 hours at a stretch 3x

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There's always a lot to be thankful for if you take time to look for it;
example I am sitting here thinking how nice it is wrinkles don't hurt

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