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[IP] Re pain with silhouettes

> One can use "ELA-Max" (lidodaine) cream at the site one choses to place
> needle- wait a while and it numbs the site. Costs here $11.42 a tube.

I don't know if the instructions are the same as for Emla Cream, but you
need to place a piece of Saran Wrap over the cream when applied so it won't
mess your clothes and will melt into you skin via body heat. Emla Cream is
Rx only and there is now a generic version - cheaper. Emla and the generic
are 2.5% Lidocaine, 2.5% Prilocaine. I have to put it on my Gortex Loop in
my arm about 2 hrs. prior for it to numb the area for the 15g dialysis
needles (size of ball point pen refill). Probably the spray Antonio was
talking about is an instant numbing agent. YMMV

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