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[IP] Islet update

Hi all,

It's been a while since I've posted but I wanted to bring you up to date on
my islet cell transplants.

It's now been 20 months since my first transplant and 8 months since my
third.  I am happy to report that my islets are still producing plenty of
insulin and I'm on only 4 units of Lantus to support the islets.  My average
A1c has been 5.7 with a few at 5.3 and a few at 6.1. I can eat just about
anything but a very high carb meal will cause a higher blood sugar than
normal.  It takes about three hours to get back to normal.  As the islets
are in the liver they take a little longer to react than those that are
native to the pancreas.

The drugs do cause side effects now and then (mouth ulcers mostly) but the
good news is no hypo's in 600 days.  Pre-transplant I would have at least
two per day.

After 48 years with DM it's sure is nice to have a break.

The good news for all of you is that the Diabetes Research Institute where I
was transplanted is moving very quickly to a cure for all who suffer from
this darn disease.

Feel free to mail if you have any questions.

Ken Bernstein


I also remember the test tube with 5 drops of urine 10 drops of water and
those speckled pills.  How far we have come!!!!!!!!!
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