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RE: [IP] static-electricity

The 508 had a similar problem and MiniMed's only recommendation was that
I wear the leather case, which supposedly had a metallic lining to help
with static electricity.  So, if that's any help.  I have a lot of
static in my apt and my clothing (polyester/nylon basketball shorts) and
I haven't had any problems with the Paradigm.  However, I try to spray
my shorts with Static Guard when putting the shorts on.  Perhaps the
Static Guard spray could also be used to solve this problem.  It just
irks me that MiniMed knows about these problems and does nothing to
solve them.

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I just found out by experience that the paradigm has a problem with
electricity. The other night I got a low battery alarm at about 3am and
got up
to change the battery and it was just blank, so I put another battery in
the same thing, blank. This is not a good think especially when one is
asleep. I call MM and he told me that I have to be grounded when
changing the
battery, I told him that it would be pretty hard to do this with one
Then he said that I should just take it off for 2 hours and let the
electricity seeps out. Are you crazy? I'm not going off the pump for 2
everytime I change a battery plus I can't take an injection of humulog
and go
to sleep it's too hard for me not to have an insulin reaction. Well,
to say I was a bit frustrated, so I started to untwisted the battery cap
and the pump came on. So, then I wondered if it was a connection
still don't know but I called a long time pump friend of mine and he
said that
he hasn't had this happen very often but if it does he takes a fabric
sheet and wipes it over the battery and the pump and his hands before
the battery. So just wanted to let everyone know about this. I wish mm
come up with something different.

dx 1987 pumping since 9-9-03
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