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Re: [IP] Re pain with silhouettes

When you grab a pinch of skin, in the middle part on the left/right side of the
lump of flesh you have between your fingers you should feel a spot that is 
softer than the surrounding flesh.  Starting at the top of the lump and moving
down, poke your finger into the sloping part of the lump and you'll come 
across a softer spot.  It'll almost feel like you could slide a finger
into it if the skin was a bit thinner/more flexible.  It's this soft pocket
where I inject/insert.

This is the way I was taught when I started on injections 20+ years ago.

If this doesn't get twisted by formatting, the lump of skin should look 
something like this
 /XXXXXXXXXXXX\ < The pocket willl usually be 
/XXXXXXXXXXXXXX\< somewhere in here between the arrows

--- Adele Morgan <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Could you explain to me more about the pocket you were talking about and
> what does it mean when you say downslope? I have pain every once in a while
> but I'm using the silserter. Also, I just tap it with my finger to see where
> the nerves are less sensitive, just like I did with injections.
> Thanks
> Adele
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> >
> > I've been using Sils for the last 18 months and I pre-probe my sites just
> > like I was taught to do when finding a suitable site for a syringe
> injection.
> >
> > I "pinch an inch" and then poke the downslope of the pinch and look for
> the
> > "pocket" where the skin/fat and muscle seperate.  95% of the time,
> inserting
> > the sil into that "pocket" yields a pain free insertion.   If I get a
> slight
> > twinge on the surface, I move a little bit around that same pocket until I
> > feel nothing.
> >
> > If I can't pinch in an area, I don't insert.
> >
> > Of course, YMMV.
> >
> > -Brent
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