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RE: [IP] insurance for the pump; bra question; romantic weekends

I called MM today, lets say you tripped or fell and damaged the pump, MM
will replace it under the warranty. As for lost or stolen, well homeowners
(depending on your coverage) will take care of it.

Again, thanks for asking the question, sometimes we get caught up in other
things and don't have time to think about these issues.


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 Ruth writes: im doing my saline trial at the moment, which is
of the annoyance of the pump with none of the benefits!!!!
 1. anyway: do any of you have extra insurance on your pump? or is it
under homeowners? ***Homeowners - but ASK and then ASK again to be sure - it
really varies

2. anyone recommend any bras ... comfortable,... ***don't wear it this way  
 3. im having a romantic weekend the week after i go on the pump. id like to
just go back to my injection routine for that weekend. ***WHY?*** do any of
y'all do this?***NOT A CHANCE*** seems like i'll just take the pump off when
usually take my lantus, stay on lantus till the end of the weekend and put
back on when i return when im supposed to take another lantus shot? of
ill ask my cde at pump class, but i was interested to hear if this
was common practice?

 If you decide to do this it seems as if you are going to be subjecting your
body to all sorts of opposing and changing forces. If you think the pump is
going to be that hard to deal with and intrusive...then don't start at all
after the weekend.

 BUT BUT BUT I think you really SHOULD start on the pump - you will be able
enjoy yourself with the freedome of a pump. Take a long romatic walk, come
for a bit of "other" activity...you just lower your basal and don't worry
it, late, candlelit dinner - not a problem - , sleep late - who
some chocolate dipped strawberries - take a bolus.

 ON THE OTHER HAND - if you have just started the pump...then your basal
and bolus rates etc are still going to be fluctuating. You are going to have
be checking your BG's far more often. But if you are off your regular
(even if you stick with the shots) you should be doing this anyway.

 SOOOO in conclusion - if it were me - I'd go on the pump..say this is
is my reality...baby i'm yours!

Linda & Dax
 PS: If you do go on the pump and choose to disconnect for "activities"
please please SET an alarm for 1 1/2 later from that time to be sure that
reconnect and don't fall asleep and go hours.

> As always,
> Thanks!
> Ruth
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