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[IP] static-electricity

I just found out by experience that the paradigm has a problem with static
electricity. The other night I got a low battery alarm at about 3am and got up
to change the battery and it was just blank, so I put another battery in and
the same thing, blank. This is not a good think especially when one is half
asleep. I call MM and he told me that I have to be grounded when changing the
battery, I told him that it would be pretty hard to do this with one hand.
Then he said that I should just take it off for 2 hours and let the
electricity seeps out. Are you crazy? I'm not going off the pump for 2 hours
everytime I change a battery plus I can't take an injection of humulog and go
to sleep it's too hard for me not to have an insulin reaction. Well, needless
to say I was a bit frustrated, so I started to untwisted the battery cap again
and the pump came on. So, then I wondered if it was a connection problem,
still don't know but I called a long time pump friend of mine and he said that
he hasn't had this happen very often but if it does he takes a fabric softner
sheet and wipes it over the battery and the pump and his hands before changing
the battery. So just wanted to let everyone know about this. I wish mm would
come up with something different.

dx 1987 pumping since 9-9-03
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