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[IP] Painful days!!

Pam asked about other's experiences with Pain from Sils.......From: Pam
Brown <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Re: pain with silhouettes<<<<<<<<<<<<

Hi Pam, 

It is kinda funny to me, who has a pretty high threshold for pain, that some
days,  or some small areas (haven't tracked either one), I try to put that
sil in around abdomen area, or hips, and the pain is excruciating.  I mean I
have to stop before the needle is 1/4 inch in.  Sometimes I will go for 3-4
spots and each one is too painful to use.   Then, I get up walk around a
minute, take a deep breath and sit down once more.  I will almost always
find a good site.    The other side of that is that if that needle goes in
without any pain at all....I start over as well.  Seem like if I have NO
PAIN the site will end up a bad site.   If I have too much pain, I get
really mad.  I have 15 or so extra pounds so there is no problem with having
"enough fat".  It just seem like some days my skin/body is more sensitive
than others.  I have been pumping for almost 10 years so I do have to stop
using some areas for long lengths of time.  I have gotten so I can rub my
fingertips very lightly over my skin and can feel the areas with the most
scarring.  Usually my fingertips will find a "good" spot and everything
works out.  I close my eyes when I am doing this so I can "feel" better.   

It is so YMMV!!  I would not recommend my "feeling my skin method" to
anyone.  It is probably all my imagination, I just know it works for me.  I
really hate those days when it really hurts.  Most times it is just a little
prick, wiggling the inserter needle just a bit as I slide it in seems to
help (I read that here from someone, thanks).   I use my abdomen, my torso,
the top of my butt (where I can reach) my upper thighs, my boobs, a time or
two, but since I sleep on my stomach, it doesn't work out too well.   I wear
my pump under my bra on side by my arm (I just discreetly pull the side of
my bra out and it drops out in my hand...I will clip it to my waist until I
am in a more private area (my car) and can tuck it back under my bra.  It
works wonderfully, and almost makes that side the same size as the other.
Don't act shocked guys, we are all big kids here and we know one is always
bigger than the other, feet, boobs, etc. 

Keep experimenting Pam until you find the way that works for you!
Bonnie from Bama
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