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re: [IP] Here is a question for all those Cosmo pump users..........

Hi Kelly,

It isn't hard to learn at all.  I have been pumping since dec 2000 and
I have been on the Cozmo since august 2003.  The Cozmo is really
intuitive.  I was just about to start a site change one day a few weeks
ago, when my boyfriend picked up my pump.  

He said "what do i have to do?".  I said "what does the screen tell you
to do?".  He read what was on the screen, and followed the steps
correctly.  I loaded the cartridge and inserted my own site, but he did
the rest of the loading the full cartridge and priming of the new set. 
He had never done it before and all he did was follow the instructions
on the screen (with me standing over him and "ok"ing every button he
wanted to press before he pressed it).

6 hours also seems like a lot of class time to me.  And i agree that
your daughter should be there too.  She is the one who is going to be
wearing the pump 24/7, she needs to be the most educated about what it
can do and how.

Anyway, good luck with everything.  You will do fine!

Paris, France
Type 1, 6.5 years
Pumping 3 years

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