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[IP] Re: RUTH ASKS: insurance on pump etc.

Ruth asked questions:

> 1. anyway: do any of you have extra insurance on your pump? or is it
> covered under homeowners?
our homeowners covers computers, jewelry and the pump under some sort of
benefit, if the value is over a certain amt, like 10L, I think, you can add
addtl insurance.  I can't recall if it is each piece or what, but call your
homeowners insurance :-)

> 2. anyone recommend any bras that are particularly good for holding the
> pump in the middle, between your breasts?
someone else on the list has talked about using a baby sock, it can be
pinned to the bottom edge of your bra, keeps you from getting sweaty from
direct contact....can hand from the bra or in the top...I enjoy knowing that
in the sock it doesn't jump out, if I lean over to pick something up (weird

> 3. im having a romantic weekend the week after i go on the pump. id like
> just go back to my injection routine for that weekend. do any of y'all do
> this?
disconnect for the hour or so and set a timer/alarm to reconnect, or wear a
waist it to keep tubing out of way? You could always think about where you
insert the set, too!!!

who is celebrating a month this week!! with her new Cozmo, and STILL
figuring out how to make it fit in my life/clothes, etc <g>
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