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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #635

hi there all,

im doing my saline trial at the moment, which is interesting-- all of the
annoyance of the pump with none of the benefits!!!!

1. anyway: do any of you have extra insurance on your pump? or is it
covered under homeowners?
i suddenly realized, i could lose this thing (in some weird accident or
something). if you lose it, will health insurance pay again? what if it is
stolen? has anyone taken  out secondary insurance on their pumps?

2. anyone recommend any bras that are particularly good for holding the
pump in the middle, between your breasts? i have some that ive found
comfortable,  but thought I'd ask the experienced pumpers out there.

3. im having a romantic weekend the week after i go on the pump. id like to
just go back to my injection routine for that weekend. do any of y'all do
this? seems like i'll just take the pump off when i usually take my lantus,
stay on lantus till the end of the weekend and put it back on when i return
when im supposed to take another lantus shot? of course ill ask my cde at
pump class, but i was interested to hear if this switcharoo was common

As always,



- -------------------------------------------------------

Ruth Jennison
University of California, Berkeley
Dept. of English
320 Wheeler Hall
Berkeley, CA
tel. 510-666-0560


What type of pump are you getting?  I have always had Minimed pumps, first a
508 and now the Paradigm 512 and I have always used the small clip to attach
the pump to the SIDE of my bra and it is not even noticable to me or to
anyone else.  When I wear a jacket or a longer shirt or sweater, I just clip
the pump to my waist with the pump facing inside and the clip on the
outside.  This cuts down on the bulkiness of the pump and no one even
notices it it there.  The paradigm is so small that this always works. I use
the quick sets which allow you to disconnect at the site, put a tiny cap on
it and it is pretty much flat on your skin and very discrete.  Disconnecting
during 'intimate" times is much easier than taking shots.  You can
disconnect for however long you like, as long as you just put it back on
every so often to bolus what you need to cover your basal for that period of
time.  I really didnt want the pump for asthetic reasons but once I realized
how discrete they are and how easy it is to stay in good control, I was
completely won over.  As far as your insurance question goes, I dont have
additional insurance because I am always wearing my pump.  I guess if I were
an athlete or something and disconnected for long periods of time where
someone would have the opportunity to steal it, I would get some.

Hope this info helps you and good luck!!!!

Lesly Messina
Charleston, West Virginia
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