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RE: [IP] Ketone Levels - What Does mmol/l Mean?

Hi Antonio
The documentation that comes with the Ketone test strips for my meter state
the following,
'Normal levels are expected to be below 0.6 mmol/L but may increase under
many circumstances.
Such as,
Fasting, Weight reduction, vigorous exercise, pregnancy or Diabetes.
With diabetes ketones may increase with illness or uncontrolled blood
If ketones are between 0.6mmol/L and 1.5mmol/L and blood glucose is greater
than 300 call your healthcare professional or follow their instructions for
sick day management. If your ketones remain elevated or become greater than
1.5mmol/L and blood glucose is greater than 300, call your healthcare
professional immediately. You may be at risk for diabetic ketoacidosis.'

Don't know of any chart that might help you.

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I just got a precision Xtra to test for ketones.  (For those of you that
haven't been following my saga, I got it because I'm color vision
deficient and cannot read the results of the urine strips.)  However, I
have tested with them in the past, so I do know that they list the
levels of ketones as trace, moderate, etc.  Since the Xtra gives results
in mmol/l, I thought it would have a chart that gives the relation of
its results to the standard test strips, e.g. 0.6=Trace.  But it
doesn't.  Does anyone know where I can find this information?  The
instructions say that the results can range from less than 0.6mmol/l to
above 1.5mmol/l.

I tried calling the Medisense support line and they were NO help.  The
worker said that I couldn't have ketones if my blood sugars were below
300, while the book I just read, Optimal Pumping, by Freddi Fredrickson,
MA, RN, CDE, says that they should be checked when the BGs run above

As always, your help is appreciated.

Antonio in Los Angeles
Age 37, Type 1 for 10 years
Got my Paradigm 512 upgrade yesterday!
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