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[IP] Re: Heather and Jeff: Uncertain about the pump

I'm brand new to the list and doing the digest, so I hope I do this reply 
right.  I don't know if I should even be talking, since you all sound so much 
more knowledgable than I am.  I am here mostly to learn.  As I said in  my 
 profile, my 12 year old son Dan has been type 1 for 2 1/2 years, pumping for
six months.

Jeff, Dan has the deltec cozmo and he really likes it.   He uses it with a 
minimed silhouette infusion set.  It is small but has a decent capacity.  The 
nice thing about the cozmo is that you can enter the number of carbs you're 
eating and your bg and the pump calculates the dosage, taking into account the 
 insulin you already have on board. As someone else pointed out, the silhouette
infusion set is pretty inconspicuous.  Also, the pump can be removed for short 
periods of time.  My son takes it off to swim and for gym class, and probably 
will remove it to play basketball this winter.  You can bolus to cover the 
time it is off (with vigorous exercise sometimes you don't even need to do the 
bolus), and check your bg after an hour or an hour and a half, give another 
small bolus or reattach.  (That might cover the intimate situations).

Heather, since I am not diabetic it is hard for me to say whether you should 
go for the pump or not.  I know quite a few adult diabetics who have  very 
good control with lantis and humalog and don't mind the injections.  I do know 
 that it worked out much better for my son, who was having a hard time with lows
with the nph and did not want to do the shot at every meal that lantis plus 
humalog would have entailed.  In addition, he is skinny and we were pretty 
limited in sites for shots.  

I usually do his insertions, although he can do them if he needs to.  We use 
an inserter, the sil-serter, which in my opinion makes it quite a bit easier.  
When the trainer came to show us how to do it, it took me forever and Dan got 
so nervous he almost passed out.  At first it would take me 45 minutes and I 
would be all sweaty and we'd both be nervous wrecks by the time it was over.  
Now it is quick and easier than I ever would have thought it would be--for 
both of us. 

I do find that the pump is kind of high maintenance--occasional malfunctions 
or blockages etc that require vigilance and quick action.  And he has had one 
short out on him and one break when he was playing baseball (all this in six 
months!)  And our nurse told us that if he is more than 1/2 hour from home, he 
has to take a pen along in case something goes wrong (and it has).  But Dan 
 loves the flexibility and feels it is less conspicuous to punch a few buttons
the pump than it was to get out the pen, clean it, put the needle on and give 
himself a shot in public.  

Hope this helps.  

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