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Re: [IP] Unexplained lows

Actually, "complex carbs" don't affect the blood glucose level any
differently from simple sugars.  It takes virtually the same amount of time
for a "complex carb" as it does for glucose (within minutes).  Eating
complex carbs will not keep your sugars elevated.  However, eating foods
with protein might, as long as you also eat carbs.  Protein will eventually
break down (partially).

The case of the unexplained lows has other explanations.  For example, it
could be that the basal rate is set according to normally eating more
fat/protein throughout the day...but on this particular day, there wasn't as
much fat nor protein, so by night, there was nothing left to maintain the
BGL, or else eating less fat meant the body was less resistant to the
insulin.  Also, eating a lot more carbs throughout a day can help during the
night.  (This is why the "formula" for determining initial correction
factors is based partly on total insulin requirements.)

It is also possible that activity levels for that day varied drastically,
and had a residual effect later.  Also, if the BGL goes too low, the body
may release glycagen.  If it stays low for a long period, however, the body
will deplete it's glycagen stores and not be able to raise BGLs at all on
its own, requiring more food to help.


>It could be that he had nothing but simple sugar carbs to treat his low to
>with? Maybe he should have had something else to eat? Perhaps some cereal,
>banana, Nutragrain bar? It could be that he was using the sugar up right
>but had nothing in his system to maintain his blood sugar? This has
happened to
>me quite a few times, with no explanation, but afer eating something with
>complex carbs in it, my sugars leveled right out with no problems.
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