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RE: [IP] thigh sites

Hi Sylvia...
Thx for responding to my problem.

My outer thighs are a complete no no.

Please remember that I have been diabetic for 37 years and am only pumping 2
yrs 11 months.

The majority of my injections for all those years were on my outer thighs.

I couldn't do my arms and only once in a while my hubby would do those for

No one ever told me I could use my hips or abs until very recently before I
started pumping.

Soooo...guess where all those shots went???  Yep, outer thighs.  I can still
feel the injection sites when I rub the outer thighs and it had gotten to a
point where there was practically no insulin absorption from all those years
of using them as a pin cushion...lol...

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