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[IP] Unexplained lows

3:15 am     71    suspended pump  (got ready for shower, started feeling bad)
4:04 am     46    36g carbs (juice)
4:23 am     82    (still feeling tired)
5:00 am     88    
5:29 am     36    20g carbs
5:38 am     31    16g carbs (4 glucose tabs)
5:44 am     43    12g carbs (3 glucose tabs)
6:15 am     41    36g carbs (juice)
6:30 am     90
6:50 am     135   reconnected pump

could be that he had nothing but simple sugar carbs to treat his low to begin
with? Maybe he should have had something else to eat? Perhaps some cereal, a
banana, Nutragrain bar? It could be that he was using the sugar up right away,
but had nothing in his system to maintain his blood sugar? This has happened to
me quite a few times, with no explanation, but afer eating something with more
complex carbs in it, my sugars leveled right out with no problems.

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