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Re: [IP] Re: Re: being a kid with diabetes Way Back When

 >>Len was like me!!! Only time he saw a 'blue test' was when he didn't put 
the urine in!!! :)

NOT SO don !!!! ;-)

i do remember striving hard for the blue... and i do remember hitting it....
(hey, it was nearly the only way of proving, i was being a good boy)
honestly, i wish i'd of thought about that, but, i CAN say, i didnt.
( i seem to remember, maybe because i had forgotten to put the urine in 
once or twice, that with out it, the blue, was more of a almost transparent 
blue, then a solid blue, but, im not positive about that)

Hey tom... do you have the black plastic kit box , with the test tube, the 
eye dropper, and the bottle in it ?
(and i think a small card the size of the box, which was like 2 by 3 by 1)

 >>Remember when disposable needles came out?

But before those, there was a glass syringe (used for 30 days)
(Ok... maybe it was 32... maybe even 35, but it was AROUND 30), a plastic 
plunger, and 30 OR SO individually wrapped  needles.
Id often hit a tough spot, on my thigh while injecting, have half the 
insulin go in, then, while pushing, have the needle separate from the 
syringe, and the other half, splash all over....
i didnt really like that setup at all.
(i think, mating that plastic, to glass, was a problem, at least for me)

i was sure glad, when the all plastic came out.
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