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[IP] diabetes forecast back issues

Does anyone have any old Diabetes Forecast issues(by
"old",I'm referring to July 1999 or earlier) they
would like to get rid of,I'll pay you for
'em,(preferably in good shape)please contact me
privatly,we'll negotiate a price(I can't believe the
ADA wants $6 apiece..plus they only go back to
1995)Any of you old timers remember Dave's Diary?(back
in the early,early issues like 1950's)I have,of
course,never read one of those but I've heard of
it.(referenced in a book)Something like it was
actually written by some physician,not an actual
person with diabetes.(don't ask me to back that
up,because I haven't been able to find that online
reference since..therefore,you don't have to believe
it.)Were they any good?

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