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[IP] ATT ALL Diabetic with Dangerous LOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Kenna Shedrick and others. I have been on the
minimed paradigm 512 since Oct 24/2003. It has been a
blessing. My diabetic control was always very poor.
from BG of 1 to over 40. Some times so high that the
glucometer would not be able to read it. I experienced
lows some times going into diabetic seizures 2 times
in a night progressing to more than one even during
the day. After researching for more than 2 years on my
own because medical professionals didn't give me an
answer I realized that I never did suffered a severe
low while living in Cuba (my country of origen). So it
must be something I introduced in my diet in Canada. I
was right!!!!. It was ASPARTAME. The most dangerous
food additive in North America. ASPARTAME causes poor
diabetic control and diabetic seizures. Those powerful
companies can afford to pay The food administration
and your medical professionals to keep their mouth
Since I stopped taking aspartame on May 2002 I never
had a seizure again, my bg was not over 40 but I had
15 and 20 I was a little more normal but then I
decided I wanted to have the perfect control and the
same day I got the pump I got B.G of 5 and 6. It is
the best thing has happened to me. Sometimes I touch
my pump to make sure it is not a dream!. THANK to the
only Doctor that supported my Pump idea Dr. Blumer and
the wonderful team of the Diabetes Best Center in
Ajax. THey are the BEST!!

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