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[IP] Re: Unexplained Lows

David Wrote:
>>Did your husband complain at all of stomach ache or have any problems
with anything he ate prior to going to bed?
I don't think so, but he seldom complaines.
>>I woke up later with a 300lb EMT on my chest and an IV in my arm with
D50 (pure sugar) in my veins.  My bg had dropped to 15!!!
 Now that scares the bejeebers out of me! So far, We haven't had to use either
the Glucogon or the EMT's. But in his life pre-Mel, he had them called a few
times, not to mention when his heart actually stopped at work due to a low. That
would have done me in, but again it was pre-Mel, lol
>>I'm not sure what caused it, but I'm convinced that my stomach being
upset was not allowing the food to go anywhere and that's what caused my
Humalog to crash my bg.
 That sounds quite logical to me. And another duh when you think about it. (had
a lot of those duh moments lately, <g>)
 Thanks again David and Renee? ( Sorry if thats the wrong name, I'm terrible
with them) But I do remember ...mom of Melissa, lol
Mel ( Melissa) wife of Dave

  Mel Sparrow  

email @ redacted


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