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RE: [IP] injecting through the set port

Huh... So that's what I get for not reading the directions. I thought
that little plastic cover was just a bit of junk and I've kept a not so
sanitary version of it around to toss my old sites. 

I'll have to start keeping a clean plastic thingy around. 


(sheesh... Directions... Who ever thought I'd have to read the

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Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 00:05:53 EST
From: email @ redacted

> With the Sil, you carefully insert a standard insulin syringe through
> the middle of the silastic seal (the white patch about 1/8 inch 
> dia.). Don't stick the needle in too deep as it will pierce the 
> catheter on the other side which will cause a leak -- guess how we 
> found out :-)

In the little direction booklet that comes with the Sil sets, it
explains how 
to do this. Also, it suggests that you put the little 1/2 disc protector

 cover on and it has a little hole all ready and lined up for injection,
plus, it prevents inserting the syringe needle to far. Hope this
helps...(and yes, you can do the same with Sof-sets as you can with 
the Quick Sets) 
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